How to Make a Quiz on Facebook

As a popular social-networking website, Facebook is a great platform to have a collabrative learning for doing cases and sharing knowledge, it is also a useful teaching tool. Howerver, "How do I make a quiz on Facebook? " is a popular question facebookers distributed, this article will guide you how to make a quiz on facebook....

Step 1 – Get the quiz app to make the quiz

Log in to your Facebook account, go to http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/apps/directory.php, then input "create quiz" in the search box, you will get more apps which could help you make quiz on facebook. Now, I will take Quiz Creator for example to show you how to create a quiz on facebook.

Step 2 – Get the quiz app to make the quiz

Click the Quiz Creator application. On the next page that appears, click the button Go To Application in the upper left corner. Another page will appear to ask you to allow the application to access your personal data. Click Allow. Finally, you’ll get to the page where you start creating the quiz.

Step 3 – Enter some basic info about your quiz

Enter your quiz name and a short description for your quiz. You also could set th quiz language and visibility to the quiz. You are allowed to upload a picture for the quiz to make your quiz more popular if you like. And then, click Next to advance to the quiz result setting page.

Step 4 –Enter quiz results for your quiz

Specify the result title and description for your quiz, then people can get the results at the end of the quiz. You also could follow the prompts to upload a picture to accompany each result.

Step 5 – Enter the questions for your quiz

Enter the questions for your quiz, and pair the answers with the desired result. After inputting all the questions, click Next.

Step 6 - Install the Developer App

On the pop-up new page, you will get a page with a giant button: Install the Developer App. Click it. Then, go back to the previous page, where there's another giant button: YES, I have the Developer App. Click that. You're going to need to follow a bunch of instructions to pop up a bunch of windows. Some of them will direct you to yet other windows. Just follow these instructions.

Step 7 – Invite friends to try your quiz

Congratulation. Your Quiz have successfully created and published, and please invite your friends to follow them.

Of course, there are many quiz apps on facebook could help you make quizzes. All the quiz apps have its cons and pros. Howerver, the quiz creation steps are similar with this. You could pick any of these apps to make simple quiz for you. If you want to make multimedia Flash quiz, you could choose some professional flash quiz makers, such as Wondershare QuizCreator, that will help you create interactive quiz with ease.

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5 Effective Ways to Create Online Quiz

Online quiz becomes more and more prevalent in the web 2.0 era. For bloggers or webmasters, quiz is an outstanding way for engaging readers and growing blog or Web site traffic. For trainers, online quiz is a good e-assessment authoring tool. For business men, an online quiz can also be used as a sales tool. Here are 5 ways to create quiz for online use.

1. Create quiz with desktop Flash quiz maker

Some Flash quiz makers supply an easy way to create professional Flash quiz in minutes. With them, you could create Flash-based quizzes with images, sounds, narrations and Flash animations with up to 10 question types. You also could set feedback to each questions and randomize questions and answers. Some quiz maker also supply free quiz result tracking system, like QuizCreator. Users could track all the quiz results with email or free Quiz Management System. You could view the quiz below which is created by QuizCreator.

2. Create Flash quiz with Adobe Flash

If you are sophisticated with Adobe Flash editing, you could use Adobe Flash to make quiz for you. Adobe Flash MX and above versions have quiz templates included, and it is designed to automatically track results and send them to a learning management system configured for your quiz. Here is a tutorial about how to create Create a Quiz with Free Quiz Template with Adobe Flash.


3. Create quiz with php Script or JavaScript

If you are familiar with php script or JavaScript and HTML code, you could choose HTML code and script to create online quiz. Here are some tutorials to help you createquiz for your Web site.

Create quiz with php script, please have a peek at:


Create quiz with JavaScript, please have a peek at: http://www.spacefem.com/tutorials/typequiz.shtml.

4. Create quiz via free online quiz creation tool

There are numerous online quiz-building tools that can make quiz and grade less of a chore. Do a Google search for "make online quiz free", you will get many free online quiz tools.

ProProfs is a free program that is supported by ads, lots of ads. So it is a totally free online quiz program. It features 3 question types. It has many options that control the behavior of your quiz. You could add multimedia objects such as video and image to the quiz, this is rare to a free online quiz tool. Quibblo and Classmarker also have such features. However, ProProfs sounds the most powerful for a free quiz creation tool.

5. Create quiz with screen recorder

Some screen recorder has the feature of quiz creation. As far as I know, Adobe Captivate and Tech Smith allow user create Flash quiz with them. Take Captivate for example, it contains advanced quizzing functionality that makes it easy to create your own robust quizzes and assessments.

In summary, all these 5 ways could help you make quiz for online use. Which way works for you is depending on your use. For blogger, choose free online quiz creation tool is the best way, such way will generate the quiz code automatically, and the quiz code could be embedded to blogs. For webmasters, using HTML JavaScript or desktop quiz maker way will be perfect. You could make professional flash quiz to engage the visitors. For trainers, please choose the desktop quiz maker to create Flash quiz. On the one hand, you could engage the learners by adding multimedia objects to the quiz with desktop quiz maker. On the other hand, you could use quiz result tracking system to track learners' quiz results without hassles.

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Free Flash tool for Online Teaching - ClassTools.net

I found a very cool yet free teaching tool (Classtools.net) these days, it will be a good tool for teacher teaching online. Classtools.net allows everyone to create free educational games, activities and diagrams in a Flash! And then host them on your own blog, website or intranet! No signup, no passwords, no charge!

You may have such question: Why these resources on classtools.net free of charge? What does it rely on to operate well? Yes! The site is supported by Google Ads. So, there is no charge for creating resources with any of these templates. What's more, each template can be saved as a stand-alone HTML file or as a Widget that can be embedded into a blog or wiki.

Right now, there are 17 templates that are available for teachers to fill in the blanks and images
. You could go to http://classtools.net/samples/full_list/ to view more.

Classtools.net is a very useful teaching tool for teachers, you could try out it in your online classes.

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