How to Make a Quiz on Facebook

As a popular social-networking website, Facebook is a great platform to have a collabrative learning for doing cases and sharing knowledge, it is also a useful teaching tool. Howerver, "How do I make a quiz on Facebook? " is a popular question facebookers distributed, this article will guide you how to make a quiz on facebook....

Step 1 – Get the quiz app to make the quiz

Log in to your Facebook account, go to http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/apps/directory.php, then input "create quiz" in the search box, you will get more apps which could help you make quiz on facebook. Now, I will take Quiz Creator for example to show you how to create a quiz on facebook.

Step 2 – Get the quiz app to make the quiz

Click the Quiz Creator application. On the next page that appears, click the button Go To Application in the upper left corner. Another page will appear to ask you to allow the application to access your personal data. Click Allow. Finally, you’ll get to the page where you start creating the quiz.

Step 3 – Enter some basic info about your quiz

Enter your quiz name and a short description for your quiz. You also could set th quiz language and visibility to the quiz. You are allowed to upload a picture for the quiz to make your quiz more popular if you like. And then, click Next to advance to the quiz result setting page.

Step 4 –Enter quiz results for your quiz

Specify the result title and description for your quiz, then people can get the results at the end of the quiz. You also could follow the prompts to upload a picture to accompany each result.

Step 5 – Enter the questions for your quiz

Enter the questions for your quiz, and pair the answers with the desired result. After inputting all the questions, click Next.

Step 6 - Install the Developer App

On the pop-up new page, you will get a page with a giant button: Install the Developer App. Click it. Then, go back to the previous page, where there's another giant button: YES, I have the Developer App. Click that. You're going to need to follow a bunch of instructions to pop up a bunch of windows. Some of them will direct you to yet other windows. Just follow these instructions.

Step 7 – Invite friends to try your quiz

Congratulation. Your Quiz have successfully created and published, and please invite your friends to follow them.

Of course, there are many quiz apps on facebook could help you make quizzes. All the quiz apps have its cons and pros. Howerver, the quiz creation steps are similar with this. You could pick any of these apps to make simple quiz for you. If you want to make multimedia Flash quiz, you could choose some professional flash quiz makers, such as Wondershare QuizCreator, that will help you create interactive quiz with ease.


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