Want safety? Strengthen Traffic Safety Training for Happiness

In United States, May is taken as National Transportation Month in which people are introduced to the glorious development journey of transportation technology and things relating to it. It is true that the citizens were, are and will be enjoying the convenience brought by the advanced tech, while at the same time some side effects come out, too, such as pollution, traffic jam, etc. among which traffic safety is a key point. As some researches show, great life loss and disability result from motor accidents. Therefore, training about traffic regulation and safety needs to be strengthened. Schools, corporations, traffic administrations, etc. must take the responsibility to make students, employees, the public clear about the relating traffic regulations and safety tips.


In recent years, transportation industry increases greatly. More and more autos crow in the street, and on the other hand traffic accident happening frequently has taken many people’s precious lives, and these tragedies still show up continuously. Let’s see some statistics from authority:

  •  There are more than six million car accidents each year in the United States.

  •  A person dies in a car accident every 12 minutes and each year car crashes kill 40,000 people.

  •  The leading cause of death for individuals between 2 and 34 years old is motor vehicle crashes.

  •  Excessive speed is the second most common cause of deadly auto accidents, which accounts for about 30% of fatal accidents.

  •  Car accidents are the leading cause of death for kids between 2 and 14; About 2,000 children die each year from injuries caused by car accidents.

  • (Source: http://www.edgarsnyder.com/ )

For teachers and parents, nothing is more important than kid’s safety and development; for traffic administration, the normality and safety of traffic is a key task. The traffic safety training will be beneficial to realization of the purposes. The importance of traffic training is obvious, but how to adopt the training effectively?

Some suggestions on traffic regulation and safety training:

1. Invite experts in this field to offer students, employees, and the citizens, etc. professional and practical knowledge and tips about traffic safety. Pay attention to choosing proper lecturers according to the features of listeners. Kids need vivid stories which are easy to understand; the mass needs common knowledge; people in transportation field needs professional explanations.

2. Provide the trainees various learning materials like videos, brochures, images, stories, etc. It is the method we often use, but several details still requires attention. Our aim is to spread the knowledge and tips, so vividness is critical. No one needs stiff and boring preaches.

3. The result of training needs to be evaluated to guarantee good effects. Motivation comes from pressure. A transportation regulation quiz or traffic safety quiz made through quiz maker will evoke students and employees to pay more attention to the training. Traffic administration can start a quiz competition to attract more people to participate in the learning.

Traffic safety training does good to people and society. In this special National Transportation Month all sides needs to emphasize the importance of traffic safety. Cherish life, enjoy happiness!

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Efficient Feedback to Earth Day Publicity Quiz Saves You Out of Environmental Disasters

Recently many terrifying disasters happened in the world: strong earthquakes hit Haiti, Chile, China, etc. one after another. Some may say it is normal for the movement of Earth's crust, while how to explain the extreme weathers, whether serious draughts or heavy blizzards, happened frequently worldwide. These affairs increase people's worries about environment. Are they the alarms from nature? As far as we know, now people's activities impact the environment greatly and result in climate changes. The publicity of environment protection needs to be strengthened; we can start from us and let more people know the importance of protecting our earth. How can we, the common people, spread the knowledge of environment protection efficiently?

protect environment

Please neglect those delicate paper brochures, because they aren't environment-friendly; forget the flourishing advertisements on media, for they require many efforts. Comparatively, publicizing the knowledge through online quiz is a good choice for us, the common citizens. It can be the flexible and efficient way of environment education and publicity. We can make full use of the power of broad Internet and the interactivity of online quiz. People's knowledge about environment protection can be tested and enriched. The success of an Earth Day quiz for publicity lies in the efficient feedback which will pop up and show the right way to do for the environment with detailed explanations, so we should focus on it. Then how should we create proper feedback?

Feedback in quizzes plays an important role in spreading environment protection through Earth Day quiz whose main purpose is not for test, but for information publicity. Thus, feedback should be informative, and attractive. Let’s see how to achieve the requirements.

First, please prepare sufficient materials about the Earth Day 2010 and environment situation. Questions are refined from various knowledge and information in this field, but if we want to make quiz takers know more about the details, feedback is the real repository to show useful tips and knowledge about environment. Throw away the dull words like "correct" or "wrong". The feedback needed in Earth Day quizzes is informative and efficient in environment publicity. Therefore, informative feedback needs more preparation of environment knowledge.

earth day 2010

For those complex questions, some detailed instructions will be in need. Then how can we show large quantity of feedback within a simple environment quiz? Hyperlinks can help us achieve this. There are countless specialized websites about the Earth, climate, sources, environment, protection activities, etc. Once the quiz is linked to these sites, this Earth Day quiz will become a knowledge base of environment protection. In addition, it is also wonderful to create a special page for more comprehensive messages. Some professional quiz makers call the space as "blank page" or "blank slide", etc.

Apart from content, the way of showing feedback is also critical to great extent. Words are necessary in feedback, but plain words are not the best outlet and possibly they will make quiz takers bored. Don’t forget that we aim to attract more people to learn about environment protection. Have you ever thought of adding images and audio files, to the instruction? Multiform feedback will show information much better and more vividly. Quiz takers can gain knowledge from more sense organs impressively.

The above are some suggestions in adding efficient feedback to your Earth Day quiz. If you are not clear about how to add the feedback, you can take some quiz maker software like QuizCreator as a tool and its feedback feature is quite helpful and easy-to-use, or you can also turn to some online websites like ProProfs.com for some of the features.

Earth Day is a hot topic in each April. It must be more meaningful this year because we human beings have experienced too many tragedies resulting from environmental disruption. The prophecy of "the doomsday in 2012" causes some worries, even panic recently. Though it is still lack of scientific proofs to prove its rightness, the end of the World will come one day if we don’t act together to protect our mother planet. Your simple action will influence the fate of the Earth, and human beings.

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Online Foreign Culture Learning Makes You Real Residents of Global Village

As financial crisis fades, cooperation between countries has flourished again. It requires the enhancement of transnational communication and understanding. If you need to work abroad, if you are a language learner, or if you want to travel around the world, it is necessary for you to know the culture of target country, which will help you work and study more smoothly and efficiently. How to learn the foreign culture effectively? Technology will help us. Let’s get familiar with some online resources for foreign culture learning.

cross culture learning online

Language is the great carrier of culture and if you want to learn a nation’s culture, you must know about its language first. I will introduce two wonderful language learning sites: livemocha.com and BBC Language.

  • Livemocha.com is the most active language learning community in the world. This online language paradise enables you to communicate with native speakers, and also offers many online lessons and quizzes to improve and check your language level. You can invite others to check your work and you also evaluate others’. Livemocha supports to record audio and then other language learners will offer you feedbacks. It is quit interactive and you will not learn the language alone.
  • BBC language is another effective resource for language learning. There are many foreign languages like French, Spanish, Chinese, German, etc. You can exchange learning tips, play language games, and share travel experience on it. News pieces and TV programs are available to visitors.

In the process of studying foreign cultures, it is better to discuss with the natives or at least share the opinions with others. Thus you can enjoy more feedbacks and some first-hand materials. An interactive atmosphere will act as a good assistant helping you learn more. I suggest you make a quiz and presentation to show what you learn, which will increase your satisfaction of mastering new knowledge. Then let's see some platforms you can make use of.

  • Facebook, Twitter, etc. are quite popular social media on which you will find a lot of people with same interest with you. They are the ideal places for you to get suggestions and share experiences.
  • Travel Blog shows us enticing scenery of all the continents. It is a collection of travel journals, diaries and photos from around the world. You will experience the whole world through the blogs. The travel forum, at the same time, will allow you to learn from those who have been to other countries.
  • Studentoftheworld.info is a typical site for students all over the world. This site has full introduction including the overview, statistics, etc. of nearly all the countries. One important thing is that students from the target country will show you their ideas which manifest the nation’s modern values, in some degree.

The internet resources bring us more convenience to study the foreign culture. As long as you search, there must be more marvelous learning sources. The governmental sites, travel sites, etc. are all good platforms for you to know the country. The more you learn the world, the better your life will be.

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