My favorite eLearning tools

As you work online you become dependent on certain e-learning tools. Here's my favorite list of tools I've come to depend on. What about your favoriate tools?

Favorite Quiz Maker -QuizCreator

QuizCreator is a powerful assessment tool that you can create Flash online exam, quiz, test and survey. It combines interactivity and multimedia to engage learners through the learning process and offers flexible results tracking and score reporting.

Favorite courseware tool -Articulate Presenter

Articulate lets me create high-impact Flash presentations and eLearning courses from PowerPoint with rich media. My course could run on any Web server, any LMS.

Favorite screen recorder - Camtasia studio

Camtasia is what I use for creating interactive content. It's a great tool to capture computer screen. The latest version is 6.0, I could add simple quiz to the content, I like it very much.

Favorite LMS - Moodle In my view, Moodle is changing the face of the e-learning industry. It is an open source product which has come of age. It is a simple and quick way to get a blog up and running. Simply the best virtual learning environment and no licence fees!

Favorite virtual classroom tool - Dimdim

I have been playing with DimDim these days, and I am impressed with the open source virtual classroom tool. Though it does not yet have the full features of many of the commercial alternatives it allows you to run virtual classrooms and the voice over IP is better than most I have used.

Favorite blog tool - Wordpress
I use both the Blogger and WordPress platforms. I like Wordpress, and I also host my blog on it, which is still a primary tool for my personal learning even when I'm not posting as regularly. I will update regularly in the future. :-)

Favorite RSS tool - iGoogle

iGoogle lets me Keep pace with information happening everywhere. It is my first choice remains RSS feeds. My RSS feeds are set up using iGoogle – my Google home page but you can use any number of readers (Feeddemo and so on). I love it because I can set up RSS feeds for news and issues I want to track.

Favorite social bookmarking - delicious

It is the tool I use to collect all the interesting sites I find through Google Reader and elsewhere. Being able to highlight, keep cached copies of the pages, and post to my blog automatically makes it much more valuable for me than just bookmarking.

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  1. Hi, I'm using mindmaps for learning. I found ConceptDraw MindMap a quite useful tool for scribbling notes about ideas and thoughts, making essey and structure my home tasks.

    It has been a few months since I last graduated from an eLearning class about literature. MindMap is full of features and its export functions makes it easy turn your mindmap into MS Word documents, PowerPoint presentation etc.
    ConceptDraw supports Skype presentation mode which is great option for studying on distance.
    Take a look http://www.slideshare.net/anastasiakrylova/concept-draw-powerful-elearning-tool