Two drawing tools you could use in your elearning courses

Tom Kuhlmann wrote a post about telling stories visually in e-learning courses rather than making them information heavy. He demos LectureScribe, a free tool for capturing whiteboard lectures. He notes that LectureScribe outputs to Flash so you can insert it into your e-learning course if the authoring tool you use supports that. Tom works for Articulate, a rapid e-learning development tool, so his demo uses that product. Do you have a situation where a whiteboard demo would make sense? If so, you might want to check it out.

And, speaking of drawing, Wesley Fryer notes that Google had added vector drawing capability to Google docs. From Google's blog
…create drawings using lines, free hand scribbles, text labels and a large
choice of shapes that you can move, resize, rotate and adjust. Group, order,
align and distribute and other features are available when you select objects
you’ve drawn. You can also customize a range of shape properties, from line
widths to fill color, and from arrowheads to font size, and much more. If you
change your mind, there is undo and redo. You can collaborate with a friend or
colleague on a drawing, or work alone, just as you can in Google Docs today.

Seems this also has some potential use for elearning. Looking at existing free tools you can use with your current e-learning authoring tool(s) is just one way to expand your options. (JC)

Originated from: http://www.brandon-hall.com/workplacelearningtoday/?p=4045

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