Techs and Resources for Water Saving Education

Water, as one of the most important sources for human’s life, is facing a severer and severer situation. It is easy for us to find many tragedies resulting from the water shortage and pollution, so actions need to be taken at once! One of the necessary actions is to raise people’s consciousness of saving and protecting water source. That is to say, we must strengthen the water saving education to which techs and resources will be beneficial. The coming World Water Day on March 22th, 2010 is a good chance to enhance this education.

world water day education

Five techs for water saving education:

1. Scribus

Scribus is the powerful free software that helps teachers or disseminators create great looking documents of all kinds easily. It is useful to make some interesting and practical educational brochure of water saving and protecting.

2. Ren'Py

Ren'Py is a cross-platform engine that helps users to combine words, pictures, and sounds together to tell stories with the computer. Its easy and efficient script language makes it possible for non-programmers to make visual novels. Teachers can make funny or innovative visual stories about water to kids and students.

3. Zoho Show

It is an online presentation maker, or we can take it as the alternative of PowerPoint. The big advantage is that users can embed the presentation to website by copy and paste the code snippet Zoho provides, which means teachers can create online water slideshows free for students to view at any time.

4. PowerPoint to DVD converter

Brochures are good for the publicity, while active “brochure” may be more vivid. Students may like a brochure that displays like a movie better because it is livelier. It is easy to make such a movie about water with PowerPoint and a PowerPoint to DVD converter.

5. Quiz creator

Make a World Water Day quiz with multimedia, and then let students or any other people take it. Thus, people can learn through interactive tests. Quiz competition can also be hold at schools or communities.

There are many technologies for the education on water saving and protecting. As long as teachers or disseminators use them properly, the techs must be able to work as a great assistant. Apart from the technologies, the teaching materials are the other critical part in water education. Check some authority websites of water knowledge below.

1. http://www.unwater.org/flashindex.html

This plays as the authority site of UN-water, a mechanism in United Nations. The relating statistics, activities and policies can be easily found here.

2. http://www.worldwaterday2010.info/

It is the theme website for the World Water Day 2010 from which we can gain information about the latest situation of water resource and the events relating to water protection in the world.

3. http://water.org/

It is the site of Water.org, an American nonprofit developmental aid organization. This site shows us knowledge about water facts and what we can do to offer the clean water.

4. http://water.usgs.gov/

Here visitors will see the knowledge about water in all rounds like the basic information about water, water use, water pollution and ways to protect water. The feature is that there are specialized materials for education.

5. http://www.kidzone.ws/water/

There are fun facts for kids about the Water Cycle. Photos, activity suggestions and some printable worksheets are offered to visitors.

As reports show, many areas in the world are facing serious water shortage and pollution. Therefore, UN has started World Water Week from September 5th to 11th and World Water Decade from 2005 to 2015, besides of World Water Day. However, as residents of this global village, we must take actions by ourselves in daily life to protect precious water. At the same time the water education needs to be strengthened to raise the public’s sense of water protecting and make more people, especially the young, know the importance and benefits of it.

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