Facebook Guide for Students: How to Become Popular?

Recently the news pops up that Facebook has overtaken Google to become the most popular site in U.S. As a survey shows, at least 85% of college students have at least one Facebook account. It has become part of students’ life. Then how to become popular on this hot social platform? This must be the confusion for many students and Facebook users. Here I want to share some tips with you, dear friends. You may find some inspiration from the Facebook guide based on my using experiences.

To become popular on Facebook, you need full preparation, patience and it is also necessary to know some tips and tricks. Please remember a principle: perfect your own profile first, and then communicate with others. Let’s see the details:

1. Choose unique image and nickname. Don’t change them if not necessary. This is because the image and nickname are the first two elements for other members to recognize you. Once friends get familiar with you, they firstly will distinguish you through your picture and name.

2. Decorate your page and make it look great. Never hesitate in choosing a personalizing Facebook background. Fill in all the blanks, and don’t let it look dull. If there are just some big blanks or “no info”, visitors will definitely lose interests.

3. Give freedom to your visitors. Pay attention to your privacy, but offer friends freedom they can enjoy. For example, you can make it open to comment in videos, images, etc. Help your visitors enjoy the time on your page.

4. Tweetmeme.com provides you bunch of hot news and topics for sharing on Facebook. Updating news and sharing interesting pieces are the best method to make others know your page is quite active. Tweetmeme will save your time in searching for the attractive word.

5. Communicate with others actively. Before visitors come to your page, you need to “go out” first. It is important to increase the number of your friend list, but the more critical thing to get more friends and keep them on your list is your interactive action with the people on and out of the list. Keep on commenting others’ messages attentively, and they will feel your true heart and appreciate you. Don’t just add friends, but “talk” with them.

6. Make full use of applications Facebook offers. To attract others to your page, you can take advantage of the Facebook applications, especially those which can make your page more engaging. For example, you can make a quiz on Facebook for visitors to take, which will be more interactive. Here is the tutorial: How to make quiz on Facebook. You can also make multimedia quiz with quiz maker like QuizCreator and upload it to your own site. Then share the link on Facebook. Many applications are quite interesting, but don't add a bunch of silly apps. Get some suggestions through the following article: Facebook Applications for Page Popularity .

The above are some tips I summarized based on my use of Facebook. Hope they can help you to some extent. For more useful tips, dear friend, you can get them on this authority website for Facebook guidebook: http://mashable.com/guidebook/Facebook/ Facebook is a hot and excellent social media platform for students to get friends, learn news and knowledge, while please act wisely to prevent yourself from being absorbed into it.

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