3 Ways to Make Your Students' Learning a Happy Trip

It's time to engage your students and make your students totally interested in what you're teaching. Here I provide 3 simple way (as easy as you can ever think) for you to perform immediately after you finish reading it. You can check the result yourself.

1 Perform the Knowledge

This is extremely helpful in language learning, if you can perform what you know, it means you really understand it, and the process is full of fun. Take the word "confident" for example; when your students learn this word, unfortunately, he or she may only know the word but not the exact meaning—the image behind it. Words comes from daily images, in another word, you understand a word only when you know the image behind it. So, how to act like you're "confident"? A person may stand up top, look upwards, walk quickly with a little smile on his or her face, never say die to anything and work with passion. If the students can act this way: walk confidently, breath confidently and live confidently then he or she will understand and memorize this word forever.


2 Quiz Others

Your Students like to quiz others. They want to show that they're clever by making others fail the test they provide. In the process of making a quiz, your students will think the knowledge deeply and finally make a question that can be hard for the test takers if they don't really understand it. Therefore, they get to know more when they make a quiz. Actually, they can also feel that they're powerful and relaxed when they produce a quiz, because they think they can do things which are believed that only the teachers can have the right to do. They'll feel that they're really smart and have more interest in learning things. Today's technology enables you and your student to make a beautiful quiz and share it online easily. Some software can let you insert image and audiointo the quiz. Usually, the quiz your students have made will become an artwork. Software like quiz maker can do this magic. So, give your students an assignment to quiz to make a beautiful quiz.

beautiful quiz

3 Make a Mindmap

A mindmap combines color, image and knowledge together and it's very enjoyable when your students start to draw what they've learned into a mindmap. Why? Because students like colors and drawing. Look at the kids, you’ll find that they’re always drawing something and put a lot of color on it. Actually, this is kind of their instinct. They just like it. When they do it, they can understand how the knowledge is organized and the exact meaning of the knowledge. This is similar to the first method, students can know the meaning by acting the image and they can also learn it by drawing it. Both ways have its own advantage. Sometimes, you can use the first way and sometimes this way. Don’t wait anymore, try to teach your students how to draw the mindmap and enjoy the trip.



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