5 Causes of Teacher Stress and Solutions

1 Overcrowded Classroom

The stress: More students means more work. Teachers have to care about all of them and be responsible for their future.

Solution: Divide the students into groups and name a leader. The leader will take care of the group; he or she should deal with the problem first before reporting it to the teacher. Group members will learn from each other and share their knowledge. They can conduct discussion for what they feel confused of.

2 Grading Paper

The stress: Teachers have to grade homework, test and class work. This will often lead to heavy workload and make teachers work till midnight.

Solution: Online testing comes to be popular. Teachers can use software to make tests and students can take them online and then the tests will be automatically graded. In this field, Quiz Creator can do a great job. So, propose to schools to purchase online test software for every teacher.

3 Administrative Paperwork

The stress: Teachers have to hand in numerous reports to their superiors. Often, these reports are just for back-check, but they have to collect much information in order to write these reports.

Solution: Negotiate with the superiors before writing the reports and find out if something else can replace with reports. Such as, teacher can make small presentations instead of reports or let the student collect information for them if reports are really needed.

4 Meeting with Parents

The stress: Angry faces of the parents are the one of the most challenging things.

Solution: The reason why the parents are angry is that they worry about their kids. They think their kids may not be educated as well as they should be. In this situation, a report that can prove what you have done is very important, show them what you have done and promise that you will do a lot more to educate their kids better.

5 Challenging Students

The stress: Rebellious students who don't listen to you and do everything against you make you upset.

Solution: Listen to them. Rebellious students often lack attention and they do a lot of bad things to get attention on them. So a teacher should show his or her love for rebellious students and listening is always the best and simplest way. Teachers can send information like "I care about you" "I want to help you" to the students through just listening.


  1. Technology enhancement enables E-learning more convenient for students to utilize learning materials with the collaboration of a computer and internet. It will surely show more positive outcome in the next coming years as million of students become more competitive with their skills.

  2. Now a day, teachers and also students having stress. Teachers are having stress due to children (How to teach and to get cent um results?) and children having stress due to parents and teachers (How to escape from studies?).
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