Make a Money-Making Quiz Online

Are you kidding me, a quiz can make money? Are you serious?
Sorry, I'm not kidding and I'm totally serious about it.

It seems impossible, doesn't it? But nothing is impossible on the Internet, if we can ever think of it, we can do it! And I really find the way!

First, have a look at this introduction page of a Twitter quiz.

It seems to be a very normal quiz to test your knowledge of twitter. Yes, you won't find anything wrong until you finish the quiz.

Now, take a look at the Result Page. If you pass it, you'll see a message to recommend their service…

When I finished the quiz, I suddenly realized this is not a quiz but a introduction to their service!

Wow, I didn't feel being fooled but surprised by their manners. Also, I learned knowledge about Twitter's functions and their company's service.

So what lessons can we learn from this?

  • Quizzes attracts people.

    We people like to prove that we're right and smart!

  • Quizzes teaches people when we type in valuable questions

    We can get valuable information by reading all the information about the subject and conducting a research…

  • Quizzes combine s the popular things (such as Twitter) and our services together

    Like the example above, if your product can provide service for people using Twitter, then people will know your product by taking a Twitter quiz.

Ok, Quizzes are powerful, but what can we do with them? How can we use it in our own business? Do't worry, here is the list:

  1. Do a research about what's popular right now

    There are some hot topics you may put in consideration: mother's day, world cup, popular stars, famous books, or even good methods of solving some problems…

  2. Figure out the connection between your product and these popular things

    You can find the point by going to the forums of these popular things and ask people how it would be like to provide your product to these things

  3. Use your creativity to build fantastic questions

    This is easy when collect enough information about the popular things, because most people don't know these kind of things and they will always thank you for teaching them

  4. Make a quiz and give fantastic answers for your readers

    Use the answers as suggestions to teach people new knowledge, such as, we can ask people how to make money online, then we provide the answer like: writing a blog, selling online Ads.

    Besides you should also make sure these answers are related to your product, and this is the point of connection. And you can use this Quiz Creator to make a quiz like the sample we mention above.

  5. Promote your service at the end of test

    Now, you just add a simple sentence to introduce your company, and everything is ok. Why, because people have already known what your business can do, they will contact you if they really need your service.

But, stop, there is also a few more things for you to consider, such as:

Is your product suitable for Internet Marketing?
Can your questions make people curious?

And that's all, easy, isn't it?

Alright, these five steps are what we need to do, and also are what someone is doing right now. They have known how to make money from using quizzes .

That's it. Hope you like it. What I want to do is sharing and studying these new things of Internet and figuring out why they do it, how they achieve it.

The author is a senior expert in Money-Making Quiz who works at Wondershare Money-Making Quiz department. Wondershare works to provide you wonderful software aim to help you better your website and please your audience. You could get more information about these tools here Quiz Creator.


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