How do Quizzes Bring High-efficiency Teaching?

We, teachers, with our own infinite wisdom, teach and cultivate students. As one of our teachers’ teaching methods, quizzing always plays an important role on teaching. For example, we make quizzes to measure students’ learning performance, improve our teaching strategies and get better teaching effects. There are some quizzes that teachers can make to bring high efficiency on our teaching:

1. Personality quiz — Know more about our students
As we all are aware that knowing the students’ psychology is the premise to perform an excellent teaching scheme. Well, a personality quiz about students’ habits, character, interest, etc. may do a favor for us. By analyzing the test results, we can understand students’ likes and dislikes, to take better and more suitable teaching strategies. On the basis of knowing students, we will have special strategies for - different students when we implement a teaching plan. Then the whole process of teaching scheme may be carried out smoothly.

2. Pre-class quiz — Prepare a good teaching scheme
Usually, making a pre-class quiz for the coming class will be effective for our teachers, especially the new unexperienced teachers. The quiz results will distinctly show us how much students have known about the coming class and how we should prepare a high-quality class with clear primary and secondary teaching plan.

3. After-class quiz — Know the teaching effects
When finishing a class, teachers have to get feedback on the class from students. An after-class quiz will provide great help to our teachers. From the quiz results, we may find students have uneven distribution status on mastering the previous class. The next step we need to do is to summarize our own defects and merits of teaching, making appropriate adjustment on teaching scheme for a more effective class.

4. Funny quiz — Make an attractive class
It is certainly advantageous for students knowing more extracurriculum knowledge, such as the World Cup, famous writers, basketball stars, etc. During class, we teachers consciously integrate some funny quizzes with teaching plan. Because the class is not a simply poor but colorful class with particular attractive content, students will have much more interest in the class.

All the quizzes we referred, personality quiz, pre-class quiz, after-class quiz and funny quiz can be tested in two different forms: paper-based quiz and online quiz.

Normally, we make paper quizzes with many complicated steps: editing questions, typesetting, printing tests, organizing taking tests, collecting and grading quizzes, collecting statistic data and analyzing the results, etc. But for the online quizzes, we can easily build them with professional quiz maker software like Wondershare Quiz Creator. Making online quiz, we just need to create quizzes with multimedia and post them online. Then students will take the online quiz via Internet at anywhere anytime and the system that comes with Quiz Creator can collect the quiz results automatically.

It is such an effective, highly functional and convenient way to conduct almost every test we teachers can imagine, why not we take full use of the quizzes to get more high-quality education?

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